Smart Street Lighting With Radiocrafts’ State-of-The-Art IP Mesh Solution, RIIM!

A modern intelligent streetlighting system based on LED lights and wireless mesh communication for supervision gives a huge return on investment, ultra-low power for energy saving, high-throughput networking, best range and coverage, and unmatched reliability!

Radiocrafts has upgraded our State-of-the-Art Industrial IP Mesh solution, RIIM, to the requirements of this domain based on feedback from top tier streetlighting customers.  

A few of the many benefits you can expect from, RIIM, the next-generation wireless streetlighting control solution, include:

You can learn more about our state-of-the-art RIIM solution for street lighting applications on our dedicated street lighting landing page.

You can find documentation including application notes describing these various features in detail here.

Want to test RIIM for your own street lighting projects? Buy a development kit or samples from Radiocrafts here!