Ultra-Low Power Consumption Demo with Wireless Mesh Solution!

Several applications such as smart irrigation, emergency lighting, and many others, require long-range low power battery operated devices that can last several years in the field. In addition, they require low latency for fast responses to local events, such as, to open or close a valve in the matter of seconds or to perform real-time monitoring of a room status and hazards.

If the above requirements sound appealing to you, then Radiocrafts’ long range wireless mesh solution, RIIM, might just be what you are looking for. In the valve control demo below, we show you how RIIM can open and close a valve in just a couple of seconds with an average power consumption of 60 µA. This is not possible with any other LPWAN technology in the market today.

In the next RIIM release coming towards the end of January we managed to reduce the average power consumption down to a market-leading 34 µA!

Do you want to test this state-of-the-art long-range low power mesh solution for your own applications? Buy a RIIM development kit from either Digi-Key or a distribution partner near you!