Radiocrafts’ Enlit 2022 and Irrigation Show Highlights!

Radiocrafts’ Sales and Marketing team are now back in office after two successful weeks travelling to Frankfurt for Enlit 2022 and Las Vegas for the Irrigation Show!

There were many highlights which we would like to share with you!


At Enlit Radiocrafts got to introduce one of our latest product lines, the MBUS5 modules, on top of our vast portfolio of world-leading Wireless M-Bus modules!

The MBUS5 modules with OMS feature sets operating on the 433 and 868 MHz bands are the perfect fit for you if you require improved Wireless M-Bus performance; better packet reception capabilities, noise immunity, transmit power, and more!

Our other world-leading Wireless M-Bus modules include:

  • OMS compliant modules frequently used in metering applications
  • Ultra-narrowband 169 MHz modules, including the Wize module, for excellent noise resilience, penetration properties, and range for industrial and metering applications with devices in hard-to reach places
  • MPC1 modules for pulse counting, alarm supervision, and transmission scheduling
  • MSM modules with intelligent sensor interfaces

Check out the video below to hear more about our Enlit history and new products!

Irrigation Show:

At the Irrigation Show Radiocrafts highlighted our wireless mesh solution, RIIM, which supports market-leading long range, low power, and low latency for smart irrigation systems globally.

RIIM supports long range networks covering an area as large as 80 x 80 km² (50 x 50 mi²) for massive rural and commercial installments.

In addition, a RIIM node supports 118 µA at 3.3 volts average power consumption and a sleep current as low as 2.5 µA which means a 2-year battery life on 2 AA batteries is possible for long lasting and low maintenance projects.

Regarding low latency, RIIM supports symmetrical 2-way communication meaning you can both efficiently send sensor data up to the gateway and perform control tasks such as opening and closing a valve. Most LPWAN technologies today have a latency of 1 to 3 minutes to open/close a valve. For RIIM, the latency is just a couple of seconds!

Check out the video below where we show you a valve control demo using RIIM!

Explore our YouTube channel for more videos on Smart Metering and Smart Irrigation!