6 Benefits of Buying a Development Kit to Evaluate Radiocrafts Modules!

development kit

Do you want to evaluate Radiocrafts modules for your project but are unsure about how to get started? Or perhaps you are stuck between buying a development kit or samples?

When evaluating Radiocrafts modules we always recommend that you buy a development kit as a first step! Here are 6 benefits of getting a development kit:

  1. Save time – The development kit comes with everything you need to start testing the module including the RF module itself, antennas, and USB cables.
  2. Quick and Easy-to-Use Evaluation – All you have to do to get started is to attach the antenna to the antenna connector on the PCB, connect USB cables between the boards and a PC, download the software tools from our web, and you’re good to go!
  3. Complete Prototyping Solution with Minimum Development Resources Needed – Once started up, you can use the development kit to test network characteristics and select configuration parameters, for example, to perform a first range test or to create a meter emulation.
  4. Simplified Final Product Design – The components selected for the development kits such as the antenna are fully tested and high-quality products that can be used in your final product design.
  5. Great Tool for Learning – Since the Development kits are so easy-to-use, they also prove to be an excellent choice for companies that only recently started adopting wireless technology or who have less experienced network designers.
  6. Several support options from Radiocrafts’ support team – We have several support options in case you do run into trouble including, a TEAMS web meeting or email exchange with our support team, several documents to support your evaluation journey, an FAQ and technical support page, and more!

development kit boards

Radiocrafts has a development kit available for every module variant in our portfolio. In addition, we always keep stock of development kits to ensure next day shipping!

Are you interested in evaluating Radiocrafts modules? Buy a development kit from Digi-Key or from one of our distribution partners in your country!