Expert Power Consumption Guidelines for Our IP Mesh Solution, RIIM!

To help our customers understand the full profile of their Mesh Router’s power consumption, Radiocrafts created a tool, the Battery Lifetime Estimator Tool, which estimates in hours, days, and years, the expected battery lifetime of a Mesh Router under investigation.

The tool uses data entered by the user about the node to make the estimation. This data includes:

  • TSCH mode being used
  • Broadcast rate set by the user in the ICI application
  • Position of the node in the mesh structure
  • Type, size, and frequency of data originating from the node
  • And more

In our newest application note, “AN057: Power Consumption Guidelines in RIIM we introduce the Battery Lifetime Estimator Tool, explaining the above-mentioned tunable parameters in greater detail and how they all mount up to a certain battery lifetime figure.

The Battery Lifetime Estimator Tool can be found on Radiocrafts’ GitHub page.

Useful Documentation:

  • RC1882CEF-IPM module datasheet (Download)
  • RC1882HPCF-IPM and RC1892HPCF-IPM datasheet (Download)
  • AN042: Battery-Operated Mesh: Theory, Benefits, and Performance Results (Download)
  • AN055: RIIM Network Design: Theory, Guidelines, and Simulation Results (Download)
  • RIIM Documentation (Explore)

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Download the application note here!