[GENERAL] Can you please confirm that RC1180/RC1180 HP and RC1700 are pin to pin compatible ?

RC1180/RC1180HP are pin compatible, but please note that RC1700 family (RC1700/RC1700MP/RC1700HP) has additional test pin for future use and internal testing. Please also be informed that one of the additional new pin is used for 5V supply for the RC1700HP. This pin can however be left open for RC1700 and RC1700MP to make it backward compatible with RC1180. The RC1700 and Rc1700MP can for this reason use the same footprint as RC1180/RC1180HP, but RC1700HP need new footprint for the new 5V power supply. For details please see RC1700 data sheet.

    Last Update: October 10, 2017  

    October 10, 2017   700    General FAQ