[W-MBUS] What I’m searching for is this switch to turn off the transmitted ID of the module. I want to add this MBus-ID within my µP and send it via UART to the module. The reason is, that we probably need to send some MBus T1 pakets with different MBus-IDs.

“To change the ID you can use the ‘T’ command. This only change the ID used in the TX packet and do not change the setting in the configuration memory.

To change the ID before TX you do the following:

1. send 0x00 and wait for ‘>’ (enter config)
2. send 0x54 and wait for ‘>’ (T command)
3. send 8 byte ID and wait for ‘>’ (T command Argument)
4. send 0x58 (Leave config)
5. Send packet on UART

It is no support for disabling the first header ID n the RF packet.

    Last Update: January 18, 2018  

    January 18, 2018   2005    Wireless M-Bus Q&A