Meet Radiocrafts at Enlit Europe 2022!

Meet Radiocrafts at Enlit Europe 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany on November 29th – December 1st ! Schedule a meeting with us at booth number 12.1.G190!

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At Enlit 2022, we will be introducing one of our latest product lines, the MBUS5 modules, on top of our vast portfolio of world-leading Wireless M-Bus modules!

The MBUS5 modules with OMS feature sets operating on the 433 and 868 MHz bands are the perfect fit for you if you require improved Wireless M-Bus performance; better packet reception capabilities, noise immunity, transmit power, and more!

The MBUS5 modules are also for customers considering turn-key projects. This could include added application-oriented features or other HW solutions.

Our other world-leading Wireless M-Bus modules include:

  • OMS compliant modules frequently used in metering applications
  • Ultra-narrowband 169 MHz modules, including the Wize module, for excellent noise resilience, penetration properties, and range for industrial and metering applications with devices in hard-to reach places
  • MPC1 modules for pulse counting, alarm supervision, and transmission scheduling
  • MSM modules with intelligent sensor interfaces

We will also be showcasing our Mioty modules! Mioty will revolutionize Smart Metering as a new LPWAN with the best-in-class reliability, noise resilience, scalability, and battery lifetime of all LPWANs today to support massive Smart Metering deployments!

MIOTY is optimal for Smart Metering for various reasons:

  • The main traffic in a metering application is meter data going up to the gateway which is optimal for a Mioty network if you wish to scale it up to hundreds of thousands of nodes.
  • Smart metering also includes a large number of devices, one per household, which in a city environment is quite dense. You can have up to 1 million Mioty connected meters in a single network! This is an advantage for Mioty as it supports highly robust communication. Including in noisy environments with a lot of interference, thanks to the Telegram Splitting technology.
  • Metering is a data critical application which requires 99% or more successful data packet delivery to have a viable business case. This is easily supported by Mioty.
  • Metering projects have a long operation lifetime requirement. Mioty supports very low power consumption for battery operation such as in gas and water meters, easily reaching a battery lifetime of 15-20 years.

If you want to learn more about these technologies or to experience the demos we will be showcasing, please email us at prior to the exhibition to reserve time for a personal meeting with one of our staff at the booth location.

For more information about the trade shows, please visit the official website of Enlit Europe 2022.