State-of-The-Art Wireless Mesh Solution for Smart Irrigation Systems!

Modern Smart Irrigation Systems based on precision control for precision agriculture and wireless mesh radio communication give a huge return on investment, ultra-low power for energy saving, best range and coverage, and unmatched robustness!

Radiocrafts has upgraded our State-of-the-Art Sub-GHz wireless mesh solution, RIIM, to the requirements of this domain based on feedback from top tier Smart Irrigation customers. 

What makes RIIM an ideal solution for Smart Irrigation Systems?

  • Highly Scalable Network – Cover an entire semi-rural open environment as large as 80 x 80 km² (50 x 50 mi²) or a residential area with up to 1000 sensors on a single gateway.
  • Very Low Power for Battery Operation – RIIM can support 2 years battery life on 2 AA batteries, for example.
  • Unmatched robustness in data transmission success rates – RIIM supports channel hopping which enables a data packet success rate of 99.99%.
  • Long Range – Long range with the possibility to have up to 1000 devices in a single network reduces the cost of installation as less gateways are needed to support a large-scale deployment. RIIM also supports a radio communication range of up to 1400 meters between devices in an open semi-rural area simplifying radio coverage planning.
  • Symmetrical 2-way communication – Essential for collecting sensor readings, controlling devices such as valves (Open valve in just a few seconds), and over-the-air updates for touchless firmware updates.
  • High-throughput networking with minimal packet loss – RIIM has the possibility to take the duty cycle in Europe from 1% to 40% which is essential to keep up with the vast amounts of data communication required by a modern Smart Irrigation deployment.
  • Time-synchronization – Management of exact start and stop times for certain events such as, starting irrigation of a certain part of the field immediately after irrigation stops in another part of the field to decrease water pressure in the pipes.
  • Radiocrafts’ ICI Framework Embedded in the module, it allows you to directly interface to virtually any sensor/actuator, such as soil moisture sensors, UV sensors, rain/freeze sensors, wind sensors, and more.
  • And much more!

You can learn more about our state-of-the-art RIIM solution for Smart Irrigation Systems on our dedicated Smart Irrigation landing page.

Smart Irrigation Systems

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