Radiocrafts announces patent pending technology for Wireless M-Bus

Radiocrafts AS, a leading provider of Wireless M-Bus solutions for use in AMR and Smart
Metering, announces patent pending technology used in their Wireless M-Bus module solutions.
Their module portfolio includes solutions compliant with the Dutch Smart Metering
Requirements (DSMR / NTA 8130), and the Open Metering System specification (OMS)
initiated in Germany. Radiocrafts is actively participating in the standardisation work of OMS,
and in the CEN Technical Committee 294 reworking the EN 13757 (M-Bus).
Radiocrafts has developed an extensive range of intellectual property (IP) related to their
products. Several of the unique features and methods used in the implementation of the
Wireless M-Bus modules are being patented. Radiocrafts also offer their Wireless M-Bus IP for
licensing to customers implementing and deploying large scale Automatic Meter Reading

See the press release for more information.