Radiocrafts launches a new generation ultra small, low cost, high performance IEEE 802.15.4 modules at 2.4 GHz

Radiocrafts AS now expands their product line with two new modules, the low cost RC2400 and RC2400HP. These are IEEE 802.15.4 modules designed for ZigBee® PRO, 6LoWPAN and other protocols based on IEEE 802.15.4. A ZigBee PRO compliant stack is available free of charge.
Typical applications include Smart Meter Reading (AMR, AMI, Smart Grid), Building Automation, Health Care, and wireless sensor networks/M2M. Operation at the 2.45 GHz licence free band enables world-wide usage.
The module is a complete RF system solution including a high performance multi-channel
DSSS radio transceiver and a packet protocol handler. The internal microcontroller holds up to
256 kB Flash memory and 8 kB of RAM making room for an advanced application, including a
ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) compliant solution. The RC2400HP also includes a range extension
LNA and Power Amplifier with 100 mW output power and this can give up to 8 times the range
compared to RC2400 in line of sight.

See the press release for more information.