Radiocrafts Has Confirmed Our Expectations for RIIM in a Real Building Deployment! Explore the Test Results!

Radiocrafts’ test results show that our Industrial IP Mesh solution, RIIM, can very easily cover a 6-story tall, 100-meter long concrete building with up to 2-3 hops (out of 28) and create a very reliable network where ~100k packets were sent over 3 days with no lost packets.

You can read about these results in our latest application note, AN035: RIIM Real Building Deployments.


RIIM has several features that makes the deployment of such a network very easy.

  • Since RIIM is a mesh network, no specific planning of the network or verification during installation was required. The nodes were simply deployed, trying to cover most of the building. As the nodes are powered on, they join the network automatically.
  • RIIM also supports 28 mesh hops which extends the range of the network significantly. It also allows for communication with hard to reach nodes, for instance, nodes placed behind obstacles. It also allows for alternative routes to a destination node in case of changes in the environment or routing failures to other nodes.
  • RIIM supports long range. The normal variant of RIIM which is the module used for this test setup supports a 500-meter range between nodes in urban environments. The High-Power variants of RIIM support a 2km range between nodes. The modules also support good penetration bandwidths and sub 1GHz frequencies which helps with avoiding interferences.
  • RIIM also supports TSCH (frequency hopping) for increased reliability. A TSCH was designed to make a mesh network with less packet loss and higher reliability. A TSCH network has proven to have a 99.99% reliability. TSCH also enables battery operated mesh routers where the radios can shut down in a period where there is no packets to send and no incoming packets expected.
  • RIIM is a cost-effective solution supporting up to 1000 nodes on a single gateway to cover an entire building complex.

Radiocrafts module


If you are interested in evaluating RIIM for your own building deployment project, Radiocrafts highly recommends you buy a RIIM Development Kit which will allow you to quickly and easily create a wireless link or network where you can get a good analysis of the network performance.

You can buy a RIIM development kit here.