Radiocrafts Has Tested and Confirmed The Low Power Expectations For a RIIM Leaf Node!

Radiocrafts has tested and confirmed the low power expectations for a RIIM leaf node! We tested the sleep current for the leaf node to be 8 uA, which is a great measured result that will ensure very long battery life for the RIIM leaf nodes.

riim network

The RIIM Module, RC1882CEF-IPM, can be configured as a Border Router, Mesh Router, or a Leaf Node.

  • As a Border Router node, it acts as the base of the mesh network. It can connect to an external network via ethernet or custom user applications on other interfaces such as UART.
  • As a Mesh Router node, it is a full featured node that is able to re-transmit packets to other nodes in the RIIM mesh network.
  • As a Leaf Node, it is a full featured node that is not able to re-transmit packets to other nodes. This configuration uses the least amount of energy.

A RIIM leaf node can be put in “Sleepy Node” mode and only wake up when there is activity to report or read. The node is still active on the network, but in a very low level just to maintain the dynamic network. The average current we tested for a “Sleepy Node” in standby is 8 uA, which will enable coin cell battery operations or energy harvesting solutions.

A RIIM™ node can last 10 years on a CR2772 (870 mAh capacity coin cell battery) while sending 12 bytes every hour, 24 hours per day.

Coinc cell battery

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