Radiocrafts launches world’s first KNX-RF Multi module for building automation

Radiocrafts AS now expand their product line with a new module complying with the KNX-RF Multi specification. KNX is the only open international standard for Home- and Building Control, used in Smart Home, Building Automation and Building Management Systems.

RC1180-KNX2 is the world’s first RF module including a complete KNX-RF Multi protocol stack.
The KNX-RF Multi is an extension of the European Norm for building automation adding redundancy and increased reliability. The main features of the new Multi standard are; frequency agility by using up to 5 frequencies, fast link acknowledgement of up to 64 receivers with automatic retransmission, and multi-hop repeaters extending the range by two hops. Battery operated transmitters and receivers are also supported by the new standard. The embedded protocol is backward compatible with KNX-RF 1.1 and KNX Ready, and can be used for unidirectional and bidirectional devices.
The new module is designed for sensors, actuators and other home- and building automation equipment. Due to its small size, easy-to-use interface, complete protocol and low power consumption, it can easily be integrated into any product making a very cost efficient solution.

See the press release for more information.