TinyMesh RF modules with self-configuring mesh protocol for ISM bands

Radiocrafts AS introduces a new, powerful mesh network protocol operating in all sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz license free ISM bands. TinyMesh networks are self forming and self healing without external interaction. Due to the mesh network redundancy, TinyMesh offers superior range and reliability, with no limitations in number of gateways or addressable nodes. Compared to other mesh protocols, TinyMesh gives the shortest time to market due to its ease of use and self-configuring capabilities. TinyMesh supports transparent data communication, as well as digital I/O control, analogue inputs and
PWM outputs. Among several unique features, TinyMesh provides location information for asset
tracking, automatic battery supervision and RF signal strength information.

Safe and reliable data traffic is secured by Listen Before Talk, CRC integrity check, acknowledge and retransmission mechanisms on every data packet delivery. TinyMesh is available in Radiocrafts modules at 433, 865 and 868 MHz with optional 500 mW output power for European and Indian markets. Line-of-sight range in excess of 3 km per hop is achievable with the high power modules. TinyMesh further supports 915 MHz for North-America and 2.4 GHz with up to 100mW output power for world-wide use. TinyMesh modules are pincompatible with Radiocrafts’ world leading Wireless M-Bus and KNX RF modules.
See the press release for more information.