RIIM, a Cost-Efficient 6LoWPAN IP Mesh Solution for Efficient Smart Street Lighting

Do you want to control your entire city’s streetlights via a complete cost-effective, long range sub-GHz mesh network which is entirely embedded in an RF module?

Radiocrafts’ ultra-reliable Industrial IP Mesh solution, RIIM, can handle up to 1000 streetlights on a single gateway covering an urban area as large as 40 x 40 kilometres squared with a reliability of 99%!

These reasons and many others are why RIIM is a new trend in Smart Street Lighting!

Radiocrafts hosted a webinar on the topic “RIIM for Smart Street Lighting Networks: Simulation Results”.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • Why Sub-1 GHz mesh solutions are optimized for street lighting.
  • A Radiocrafts simulation where we ran 100 nodes (street lighting poles) in a straight line along a 4 km road using RIIM (our IP mesh solution).
  • The expected behaviours and results from the simulation

You can watch this webinar here.

We also ran a 1000-node large street lighting network simulation which confirmed our expectations for RIIM regarding quick network formation time, low multicast and unicast latencies, and high reliability.

You can read our application note on these simulation results here.

support tools

Radiocrafts has also released a series of application notes describing impressive features in RIIM which are essential for an efficient Smart Street Lighting installation. These include but are not limited to:

  • AN034: RIIM Range – Basics and Measurement Results –  Read about the impressive RIIM range measurements conducted by Radiocrafts both in urban and Line-of-Sight areas.
  • AN039: Measuring The Power Consumption of RIIM Leaf Nodes Operating in Sleep Mode – Demonstrates how to perform the measurements needed to verify the power consumption of RIIM Leaf Nodes operating in Sleep mode. RIIM Leaf Nodes can reach very low power consumption levels when operating in Sleep mode. In average, 4.7µA can be observed when measuring current used by the module.
  • AN042: Battery-Operated Mesh – Theory, Benefits, and Performance Results – Shows how RIIM with its Time-Synchronized Channel Hopping (TSCH) enables battery-operated Mesh Routers. In this document TSCH is explained, along with how it enables Sleep Mode in Mesh Routers, thus allowing for battery-operated Mesh Routers. Later, some of the important design guidelines are presented to help users tune key parameters in their RIIM™ network to suit their specific use-case. Lastly, performance results of battery-operated Mesh Routers are demonstrated.
  • AN046: Connecting RIIM to the Internet – This document aims to briefly break down 4 of the most commonly used connectivity options, presenting each option’s building blocks, in addition to its pros and cons.
  • AN048: Border Router Redundancy in RIIM – one of the methods to achieving Border Router redundancy is explained. In addition, the ICI example application needed is presented.
  • AN050: Time Synchronization in RIIM – The mechanism of how to implement time synchronization will be explained along with the advantages the user can benefit from when using it.

If you are interested in testing RIIM for your own Smart Street Lighting system, then Radiocrafts recommends you buy a RIM development kit. The RIIM development kit allows you to quickly and easily create a wireless link or network where you can make a good analysis of the network performance!

You can buy a RIIM development kit here.