Wireless Technology Selection Guide For Radiocrafts Modules!

The beginning of the new year is a time where companies often start assessing new projects and product designs.

If you are interested in implementing a Radiocrafts RF module into your product design but are unsure about which wireless technology to use, then take a look at our new application note, AN045: Wireless Connectivity Technologies Selection Guide!

Selecting the right wireless technology for your application is a critical design decision that can often take several months. Based on radio performance requirements and other criteria, Radiocrafts has created a wireless technology selection guide that summarises the differences between the technologies to help you select the right one.

Radiocrafts has always prided ourselves in providing high quality products/support and a fast to market experience for our valued customers. The new application note reflects this goal, allowing our customers to quickly choose the correct technology to evaluate.

The selection guide describes the following criteria for each technology:

  • Network type
  • Physical layer properties
  • Application examples
  • Main Advantages
  • Limitations

Radiocrafts has a wide range of wireless technology solutions including some open standards and proprietary protocols:

  • Wireless M-Bus – world-leading 433, 865, and 868 MHz modules for Smart Metering and Industrial applications
  • Wireless M-Bus – long range 169 MHz and Wize modules for devices located in hard-to-reach places
  • RIIM – Leading ultra-low power, long range, Sub-GHz mesh solution for control and sensor applications
  • Mioty – LPWAN solution supporting the best-in-class robustness and scalability in the market for massive IoT deployments
  • RC232 – Easy-to-use solution for industrial sensors and cable replacements
  • Tinymesh – Mesh solution for data acquisition
  • RIIoT –  Efficient 2-way symmetric wireless  Industrial IoT star network supporting long range and very low power
  • ZigBee

Radiocrafts offers module solutions, and custom designs for all these technologies. All modules are supported by Development Kits for easy testing, evaluation, prototyping, and application development.

You can buy a Radiocrafts development kit from here.

You can download the new Application Note here.