Dive Deep into Radiocrafts’ Market Leading Wireless Radio Mesh Solution, RIIM!

Radiocrafts’ RIIM solution is an easy-to-use, long range, sub-GHz wireless communication mesh solution providing unmatched reliability in data transmission success rates and scalability.

Over the last couple of years Radiocrafts has been releasing major upgrades to RIIM based on our experience in supporting top tier customers in various unique applications, including:

Through our experiences in working with customers and our expert knowledge in wireless communication solutions, Radiocrafts’ has published a multitude of application notes, white papers, webinars, and video snippets on RIIM to help you evaluate the solution in a timely and efficient manner.

Explore the content below! Please note, you need to be logged into our website to get access.

RIIM Application Notes and White Papers:

RIIM Webinars and Video Snippets:

You can also watch these webinars and video snippets on our YouTube channel or on our webinars and video snippets page!

Are you interested in evaluating RIIM for your own application? You can buy a RIIM development kit from Digi-Key or from a distribution partner near you!

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