Using Wireless M-Bus in Industrial Networks!

Wireless M-Bus is an exceptionally robust and power-efficient protocol developed as a standardised solution for wireless meter reading. But did you know that Wireless M-Bus is also an effective solution for industrial wireless sensor applications that need secure, robust, and low power wireless connection?

In Radiocrafts’ application note, AN024: Using Wireless M-Bus in Industrial Networks, we give you an understanding of how to use our world-leading Wireless M-Bus modules in an industrial sensor network. First, we describe the communication protocol and its different layers. Then, we describe the details in the Wireless M-Bus messages and the interface between an external application processor and the RF module. Finally, we share a few words about the module configuration.

The advantage of using an established standard is that it has been developed by teams of industry experts. The solutions are well established and proven in the field. The Wireless M-Bus standard’s high requirements are like a toolbox where we can pick and choose the right tool for different projects; that is, the operating frequency, power consumption, range, encryption and other security elements.

Radiocrafts’ world-leading Wireless M-Bus modules have been used in several wireless sensor applications. Some honourable mentions include:

  • Tank level measurement device for petrol tanks located 1 meter underground
  • Cryoegg – Device used to measure water temperature, pressure, and conductivity up to 1.5 kilometres beneath the glaciers of Greenland
  • Temperature sensor for electric heating systems
  • Sensors used to identify trailers attached to heavy road vehicles
  • Gateway for home and building automation

Read more about Radiocrafts’ vast Wireless M-Bus module portfolio here.

Download the application note and find out how you can incorporate Radiocrafts’ Wireless M-Bus solutions into your own Industrial sensor project.

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