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Do you want to learn how to create a complete wireless sensor network through videos and other more visual means? Then tune in to Radiocrafts’ YouTube Channel where you can find several “how to” videos, webinar recordings, and educational video snippets on various different Radiocrafts solutions! These videos are designed to teach users how to work with Radiocrafts’ modules, development kits, software tools, and more. They were also designed to help you improve your general knowledge in the wireless communication world.

Radiocrafts’ has just recently started our YouTube experience. We have a number of videos already available on the Radiocrafts channel and plan to release many more in the near future, so stay tuned.

Currently on the Radiocrafts YouTube Channel you will find 4 playlists:

  • Webinar Series – Sharing Insights With Our Customers
  • RIIoT™ Video Snippets
  • Radiocrafts Video Snippets – Short and Helpful Learning Experiences
  • Wireless M-Bus Video Snippets


Webinar Series – Sharing Insights With Our Customers

Radiocrafts leading engineers have developed an expertise in wireless communication through the numerous projects and experiences they have taken up in the past 15 years. Radiocrafts has recognized that this expertise is in high demand. Because of this, we have decided to host a series of online webinars, where we train and discuss various topics, all related to wireless communication. These webinar topics include connecting hundreds of wireless IoT nodes to one gateway, designing a wireless solution for low power requirements, expectations and influencing factors for range in RF networks, and more. Click here to watch.

The RIIoT™ Video Snippets

RIIoT™ by Radiocrafts is one of our latest products. It is an IIoT wireless, long range, 2 way symmetric, network in a module designed to be very easy to implement and to meet the sensor and actuator connectivity requirements for the Industrial IoT. RIIoT™ includes an Intelligent C-programmable I/O (i:zi), which makes it possible to directly interface to any sensor or actuator and supports mist computing. RIIoT™ does not require any license or subscription fee. Read more about RIIoT™ here.

The RIIoT™ video snippets are short videos we have created with the purpose of helping you setup your very own complete RIIoT™ sensor network in a more visual and hands-on manner. The videos include:

  • Quick & Easy Sensor To Cloud Setup – How the Whole System Works – Part 1 of 3 – Radiocrafts lays out a detailed description of the RIIoT™ system architecture and the different components needed. Click here to watch.
  • Quick & Easy Sensor To Cloud Setup – Setup Radiocrafts ICI Interface – Part 2 of 3 – Radiocrafts shows you how quick and easy it is to create your own sensor application via Radiocrafts’ ICI framework, using less than 100 lines of C-code. Click here to watch.
  • Quick & Easy Sensor To Cloud Setup – RIIoT™ to Cloud Setup Demo – Part 3 of 3 – Radiocrafts walks you through the steps on how to easily connect your RIIoT™ leaf node to a cloud application. Click here to watch.



Radiocrafts Video Snippets – Short and Helpful Learning Experiences

The Radiocrafts Video Snippets are short, interesting, and educational extracts we have taken from webinar recordings in order to help you improve your knowledge in the wireless communication world. The video topics range from how to calculate range to LPWAN vs WSN technology comparisons. Click here to watch.

Wireless M-Bus Video Snippets

The Wireless M-Bus video snippets discuss in great detail a variety of interesting benefits and features related to the Wireless M-Bus protocol, such as, the Wireless M-Bus modes, use cases, security modes, battery lifetime and more. Click here to watch.

Radiocrafts is a long-time standing expert in the Wireless M-Bus protocol. We have taken an active part in the OMS group maintaining and developing the standard. We continue to show our technological leadership in embedded solutions for Smart Meters by continuously improving on the Wireless M-Bus standard, providing millions of Wireless M-Bus modules. Our latest product line, Wize, is a 169 MHz solution designed for hard-to-reach places which is based on the Wireless M-Bus N Mode. Read more about Wize here.

All of these video snippets are also available at our “Webinars & Video Snippets” webpage here. You can also find a list of upcoming webinars on this page.

Explore the Radiocrafts YouTube channel and find the right video for you! Whether you are trying to design a complete RIIoT™ sensor network or simply learn more about wireless communication.