Quickly and Easily Prototype A Sensor Network Based on A Wireless IP Mesh Solution With Radiocrafts New Sensor Board

Do you want to quickly and easily prototype a sensor network based on a Wireless IP Mesh solution? The new Radiocrafts Sensor Board which comes with the RIIM (IP Mesh) module, the complete associated support circuits, and six different supported sensors is the solution for you.

The Sensor Board was designed to make it easy for the user to evaluate the RIIM™ module, tune the ICI application and build prototypes exceptionally quickly.

RIIM™ (Radiocrafts Industrial IP Mesh) is an embedded RF system designed to be an all-inclusive, easy to use mesh, with direct IP addressing from sensor to cloud. RIIM™ includes an Intelligent C-programmable I/O (ICI), which makes it possible to directly interface to any sensor or actuator, and, it supports Mist Computing. Read more about RIIM™ here.

The sensor board is included in the RIIM Development Kit which includes all hardware needed to run a small RIIM™ network from a PC. The Development kit comes with 3 boards (Border Router Board, Mesh Router Board, and Sensor Board), 3 antennas, and 3 USB cables. Read more about the RIIM development Kit here.

The Sensor Board includes six of the most common industrial sensors which are used in many different applications and a controllable LED to demonstrate GPIO controls.

The sensors include:

The user can use the sensor board to create a proof of concept RIIM™ sensor network with cloud connectivity. The full functionality of a RIIM™ sensor network can be explored and tested by playing around with the user defined ICI application. A few examples of the many capabilities that can be tested with the sensor board include:

  • OTA update example – Demonstrates the efficient Over-The-Air functionality.
  • Large network example – This example was made to see the formation, topology, and status of a large (or small) network.
  • UART example – This example demonstrates the use of UART, including, UART setup, UART transmission and callback function, and UART reception with callback function and timeout.
  • Interfacing all sensors on the sensor board – This example interfaces all functions on the Radiocrafts sensor board. The application reads data from all sensors present on the sensor board.
  • Cloud Example – This example demonstrates how you can connect the RIIM development kit to the cloud. Radiocrafts uses “ThingsBoard” as a cloud application in this example.
  • Local Sensors Example – This example demonstrates how to interface sensors via various interfaces.

The ICI “limitations” are really just defined by the designer’s creativity!

So get your own development kit and start using the sensor board to prototype your very own RIIM™ sensor network!  

Read more about the test examples you can use for the sensor board here.