GREATECH Just Released a New Breakout Board Designed For Radiocrafts Modules!

This new Breakout Board, developed and manufactured by GREATECH, works with all Radiocrafts modules and is an efficient way to quickly upgrade your hardware!

The breakout board is just 28mm x 37mm large, has a u.FL connector, a screw mount option, and UART via header or sub-mini connector. You also have a tact switch option for Wireless M-Bus, LED, reset IC and more.

It is a useful tool, for example, for smaller volume production of new products to test the market.

You just need to select a Radiocrafts module and order the breakout board online here. The breakout board is shipped populated with the Radiocrafts module of your choice.

Radiocrafts has had GREATECH as a partner since day 1. GREATECH has used Radiocrafts’ modules in many of their designs, such as, for laser sensors, Wireless M-Bus sensors, MIOTY sensors, CO2 sensors, and more.

GREATECH not only designs and manufactures their own products using Radiocrafts’ modules, but also, acts as a distribution partner for Radiocrafts, re-selling our modules to other customers.

Visit GREATECH’s website for more information on their products and partnership with Radiocrafts.