Measure a 4.7uA Sleep Current Consumption Using RIIM! We Teach You How!

Radiocrafts’ Industrial IP Mesh (RIIM) Leaf Nodes can reach very low power consumption levels when operating in Sleep mode. On average, 4.7µA can be observed when measuring current used by the module. Radiocrafts has written an Application Note to teach you how!


In our application note, AN039: Measuring The Power Consumption of RIIM Leaf Nodes Operating in Sleep Mode, we detail an easy and fast 6-step process on how to achieve a sleep current of 4.7uA. The steps include everything, from which platform to upload to the development board, to how to use the multi-meter to observe the correct reading.

RIIM leaf node can be put in “Sleepy Node” mode and only wake up when there is activity to report or read. The node is still active on the network, but in a very low level just to maintain the dynamic network (keep its status as connected to the network). An average sleep current of 4.7uA, enables coin cell battery operation.

RIIM™ has several additional features that reduce power consumption, including:

  1. The chosen electronic components inside are low power to start with.
  2. The output power of the module is configurable, not to consume more power than needed during transmit.
  3. The data processing that can be done by the customer in Radiocrafts’ ICI framework can save substantial power. RIIM™ supports cloud computing which means that instead of sending all raw sensor reading data to the Cloud or to your private network, the user can just send the interesting data, such as an alarm when a threshold is met.

The very low power capabilities of a RIIM leaf node, makes RIIM optimal for applications which require battery operated sensors, such as smart irrigation or safety and security systems. A RIIM leaf node can last over 10 years on a coin cell battery.

You can read the application note here.

You can read more about RIIM here.

If you are interested in testing the low power capabilities of RIIM for your own application, then we recommend you buy a RIIM development kit! You can buy a development kit here.