Meet Radiocrafts at Intersolar Europe 2022 in Munich, Germany!

Learn more about how Radiocrafts is enabling the green transition! Meet us on the 11th – 13th of May 2022 at the Intersolar Europe 2022 Exhibition in Munich, Germany!

Come visit Radiocrafts at the Norwegian Pavilion in Hall A4 where we will be introducing RIIM, an easy-to-use, subscription/license free wireless communication solution ideal for solar installations!


What makes RIIM a good solution for Solar installations?

  • Highly ScalableCover an entire utility-scale solar facility as large as 40x40km squared or a campus/series of buildings as large as 5.6km long with up to 1000 devices on a single gateway.
  • Unmatched reliability in data transmission success ratesRIIM supports various features that enable a data packet success rate of 99.99%. This is essential for solar networks located in campuses, facilities, and building complexes made of reinforced concrete and where high levels of interference from other radio solutions are present.
  • Network partitioning and simplified commissioning for quick rollouts and simple scaling RIIM is a mesh network which means it is self-forming, self-healing, and self-optimizing. It is a plug-and-play process that simplifies your solar network deployment greatly.
  • Long Range – RIIM supports a communication range of 700 meters between devices in an open area and 150 meters inside a building with reinforced concrete. In addition, a RIIM data packet can also spread across the network by hopping from device to device up to 28 times. Long range with the possibility to have up to 1000 devices in a single network creates flexibility in terms of gateway placements, reduces the cost of installation, and simplifies radio coverage planning. Only a single gateway is needed to support a large-scale deployment in a utility-scale solar facility, campus, or series of building complexes.
  • Immense flexibility on the gateway side RIIM is designed to have direct cloud connection using protocols such as IPv6, UDP, CoAPand DTLS. The gateway does not need to be a specific IoT gateway. It can be a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), a Raspberry Pi (or any Linux host), or a computer.
  • And much more!


Learn more about how RIIM is enabling the green transition by making Solar Installation more efficient on our Solar page!

Do you want to schedule a meeting with Radiocrafts at Intersolar Europe 2022? Please email us at prior to the exhibition to reserve a time with one of our staff at the booth location.

For more information about the trade show, please visit the Intersolar Europe 2022 official website.