Radiocrafts Success Stories and Reference Cases!

Radiocrafts has helped hundreds of customers globally get fast to market with high quality, high performance, and cost-effective RF modules.

Our modules have been a part of our customer’s success stories in all kinds of different applications including, emergency lighting, EV charger communication, smart irrigation, smart metering, smart street lighting, solar applications, glacier monitoring, building energy management systems, waste management, and much more!

Radiocrafts is renowned as a reliable supplier even in difficult and uncertain times such as the corona outbreak and component shortage crisis. Working with Radiocrafts you can take advantage of short development times and fast production ramp-up while reducing investments and risks!

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Suez Smart & Environmental Solutions           

“Radiocrafts modules allowed us to develop products quickly and efficiently when the projected quantities were limited and could not support the NRE of a full radio product development, and, when the timeline of the project could not allow for a complete development. Especially, the precertification of the modules is a strong benefit.” – Samuel Loyson, Head of Smart Metering



“The Radiocrafts module is a key component in our Sonitor® SenseTM RTLS (Real-Time Location System) indoor positioning technology. Being a reliable, high-quality supplier of radio modules, Radiocrafts has supplied us with more than a hundred thousand modules that are designed into our Sense RTLS platform now installed in well over 200 global facilities. Using a readymade module simplifies the design, the production, test and maintenance, as well as radio certification.” – Sandra Rasmussen, Senior VP in Global Marketing and North America Sales



“Thanks to Radiocrafts’ solutions, we were able to speed up the time-to-market of our products, thereby improving our market position.” – Eng. Massimo Valerii, CEO

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