Telit ISM Band Products Obsolete? Replace Them With Radiocrafts Modules!

Telit has recently declared end of life for their ISM band products. Do you suffer from the shortage? Radiocrafts has the perfect functional replacement solution for you in our RC232 and Wireless M-Bus module ranges!





RC232 is our solution for point to point networks. The RC232 RF protocol was the first ever Radiocrafts product line, launched more than 15 years ago and is still popular due to the ease-of-use and simplicity. RC232 is fully transparent, i.e. the data you input at the transmitter side will show up exactly the same on the receiver side, after a small delay. Our wireless experts continuously work on making sure RC232 provides our end-customers with high performance by simplicity.

Read more about RC232 here.

Wireless M-Bus

Radiocrafts has been the leader in Wireless M-Bus from the start and takes active part in the OMS-Group and CEN, working on standardizing and improving Wireless M-Bus. Therefore, an RF module from Radiocrafts is always compatible with the latest additions to the standard. We have a variety of module options available from OMS compliant modules to modules supporting ultra-narrowband for best noise resilience (169 MHz).

Read more about Wireless M-Bus here.

The following Telit parts have reached their end of life. Please find below a cross reference table with a number of RC232 product candidates which could replace these Telit parts:

You can find datasheets, user manuals, and any other supporting documentation for Radiocrafts’ RC232 modules at our document library here.

Below is a cross refence list of Radiocrafts’ Wireless M-Bus products that could replace end of life Telit parts:

You can find datasheets, user manuals, and any other supporting documentation for Radiocrafts’ Wireless M-Bus modules at our document library here.

We have development kits available for all Radiocrafts parts which are orderable from our worldwide distribution network.

You can find the software you need to test the modules on our Supporting Software & Software Tools page.

If you are interested in replacing your end of life Telit ISM band products with Radiocrafts’ RC232 or Wireless M-Bus products, you can contact us on our contact form or send an email to our sales team.