{UPCOMING WEBINAR} Security Elements in Wireless M-Bus

WEBINAR: Security Elements in Wireless M-Bus! We invite you to register for an upcoming online webinar training on: “Security Elements in Wireless M-Bus”.   Join Radiocrafts’ Managing Director and Wireless M-Bus expert, Peder Martin Evjen, as he discusses the new security elements in Wireless M-Bus. Radiocrafts’ Wireless M-Bus modules are always compatible with the latest additions to the standard … Read more

Who Are The Wize Alliance and What Are The Benefits of The Wize Technology?

The sudden and seemingly endless increase in the urbanization process currently taking the world by storm is raising problems and concerns about the perceived quality of life in urban environments. Smart and effective solutions must be conceived and deployed in order to tackle the many issues related to public and private safety, healthcare, supplying of … Read more

All LPWAN Sensor Data Creates Actionable Insight, But How Much Data Can Be Lost Before The Insight Loses Its Value?

All LPWAN connected sensors serve a purpose, they generate some insight. This insight is used in a business process to generate value for the business or their customer. Let us exemplify: A parking sensor sends data each time a parking place is occupied or made available. This data can be used to guide the cars … Read more

Over 1 Million Sold of Our Industry Leading RC1180-MBUS3 Modules for 868MHz Wireless M-Bus and Smart Metering Applications!

Radiocrafts has sold over 1 million of our Industry leading RC1180-MBUS3 modules to various Smart Metering applications. Our Wireless M-Bus modules are always compatible with the latest additions to the Wireless M-Bus standard as we take an active part in the standardization process in both CEN and OMS groups. Our RC1180-MBUS3 module operates in the 868 MHz license … Read more

What is Cloud Development? And Why Should You Use Real Sensor Data Versus Simulated Data When Developing Your Cloud Application?

Cloud computing is gaining popularity as more and more businesses are launching public and private cloud computing initiatives. In fact, the cloud computing industry is one of the fastest growing today. According to Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, the revenue for global public cloud services is forecasted to reach $411.4 billion in 2020. … Read more