Why Is My Module Not Reaching The Anticipated Range?

Did you know that wireless communication technologies’ range can vary drastically from a 20 cm maximum range with the Near-Field Communications (ex: secure payments using contactless communication) to a staggering 700km range reported for 868 MHz LPRF radio transmitted from a high-altitude weather balloon? (Fun record but not useful other than in a research article) … Read more

How Can We Cope With The Rapid IoT Expansion and Subsequent Increasing Number of High-Density Networks?

Do you remember the fun old days? When regulating the temperature in your home was more of a guessing game than anything else because you would receive no feedback from your heating devices. It was always too hot or too cold and you could never seem to get that perfect temperature correct. Those simple times … Read more

Using Wireless M-BUS 433MHz for Remote Water Meter Reading in the Middle East

Radiocrafts is now offering 433MHz Wireless MBUS modules, Rc1140-MBUS3, and RC1140-MPC1, targeting the Middle East Market. Wireless communication systems based on Wireless M-Bus has proved its efficiency in terms of low power for battery operation, low operational cost and ease of installation and use. The European Standard EN13757-4, Wireless M-Bus, was developed for reading battery … Read more