The Physics Behind 169 MHz Long Range Wireless

Think of a Grand Piano RF antenna size is directly proportional to wavelength size for the simple reason that the antenna needs to create resonance for a selected frequency. By way of analogy, look at how a grand piano or an organ creates low (frequency) notes:  they use, respectively, longer strings or larger pipes. Radio … Read more

Antenna Selection Guide

Where is the range? How to design and select the antenna for the ISM bands. One of the most common question we get to our support line is how to get the intended range of the wireless connection. Most of the time, the answer relates to the antenna design. I believe it is a result … Read more

Antenna Size Matters!

Size matters! Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are key parts of the Internet of Things (IOT), and they are more and more taking advantage of longer range and less interference in the sub-GHz frequency bands compared to 2.45 GHz. A challenge that then shows up is the size of the antenna, as it has to grow … Read more

3 Ways To Boost Your Wireless Performance

Increasing Range, Reliability & Security for Wireless RF Modules Achieving reliable, secure, and long-range wireless data communication is possible if you know what to look for in a RF module. Radiocrafts has off-the-shelf solutions to meet these operational demands on your wireless system. Increasing Range via Higher Power A transmitter’s signal strength (its travel range) … Read more

Radiocrafts announces new Sales and Marketing Director

Radiocrafts AS, a leading provider of RF modules today announces the appointment of Anders Oldebäck as our new Sales & Marketing Director. Anders has an extensive background in component sales and marketing, having spent 25 years within various sales and marketing functions at international and local hi-tech companies. He most recently comes from Atmel (Microchip), and before that … Read more

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