RIIM – The Optimal Solution for Industrial and Building Automation

Radiocrafts recently hosted a webinar on the topic “RIIM – The Optimal Solution For Industrial and Building Automation” where our R&D Director, Ørjan Nottveit, talks about how our leading, low code, Sub-GHz Industrial IP Mesh solution, RIIM, is an exceptional fit for industrial and building automation applications. In this webinar we talk about: RIIM benefits … Read more

New RIIM MQTT and Modbus Code Examples on Radiocrafts’ GitHub Page

Radiocrafts has recently released two new coding examples to our GitHub page for Radiocrafts’ Industrial IP Mesh solution, RIIM! These include: RIIM MQTT Example RIIM Transparent Modbus Example The MQTT example reflects a simple real-world scenario: You want to create a system consisting of a few nodes logging the temperature at different locations. You need … Read more

Radiocrafts’ World-Leading Wireless M-Bus Solutions Selection Guide!

In our latest application note, AN059: Radiocrafts’ World-Leading Wireless M-Bus Solutions Selection Guide, we share with you how Radiocrafts has managed to maintain its status as a world-leading Wireless-Bus solution provider for over 20 years with high quality, fast to market, versatile and adaptive Wireless M-Bus modules targeted towards Smart Metering and Industrial applications. Radiocrafts’ … Read more

Radiocrafts’ MIOTY1 Module for Massive IoT Deployments Just Got a Major Upgrade: MIOTY1 2.0.0

Radiocrafts’ compact module RC1882CEF-MIOTY1 is the first ever shielded RF module with a complete Mioty stack. Mioty is designed to have the best-in-class reliability and scalability of all available LPWAN technologies today to support massive industrial and commercial IoT deployments. (Smart Metering, Smart City, Industrial sensor applications, and more) The new major upgrades to our … Read more

Our Industry Leading Sub-GHz Mesh Just Got an Upgrade: RIIM 3.1.0

Radiocrafts has just released a new upgrade for RIIM, our industry leading sub-GHz IP mesh solution. The new version of the RIIM SDK now supports Microsoft Visual Studio Code support which includes automatic build and uploads. This makes it easier to work with the SDK for those who have little experience with makefiles, scripts etc. … Read more

Impressive Mioty Field Trial Results – 2 Km Range From Inside a Building Complex!

Stadtwerke Garbsen, recently ran one of the first ever Mioty field trials to digitally monitor transformer stations and remote readouts of meters. They used pwer failure monitoring sensors manufactured by GREATECH which include Radiocrafts RC1882CEF-MIOTY1 module. The power failure monitoring sensors, located inside office building complexes, were able to communicate with the Mioty base station … Read more

[Webinar] The Mioty Ecosystem: Mioty Protocol, Products & Field Trial Results

We invite you to register for an upcoming online webinar training on: “The Mioty Ecosystem: Mioty Protocol, Products & Field Trial Results“.   Join Radiocrafts, GREATECH, and Leinenetz GmbH as we discuss the Mioty ecosystem and share our expertise on Mioty, an LPWAN protocol that was designed to have the best-in-class reliability, scalability, and battery lifetime of all available LPWAN … Read more

Expert Power Consumption Guidelines for Our IP Mesh Solution, RIIM!

To help our customers understand the full profile of their Mesh Router’s power consumption, Radiocrafts created a tool, the Battery Lifetime Estimator Tool, which estimates in hours, days, and years, the expected battery lifetime of a Mesh Router under investigation. The tool uses data entered by the user about the node to make the estimation. … Read more

Everything You Ever Wondered About Our IP Mesh Solution, RIIM!

Are you wondering if (RIIM) Radiocrafts’ Industrial IP Mesh technology is a fitting solution for your application? Are you curious about the benefits you can get out of RIIM for your project versus other technologies? Are you already designing with RIIM and want to know what support tools are available to you? Perhaps you are … Read more