Radiocrafts Releases the World’s First Shielded Mioty Module For Massive IoT Deployments!

The compact module RC1882CEF-MIOTY1, is the first shielded RF module with a complete Mioty stack designed for industrial use (Smart Metering, Smart City, and Industrial sensor applications) and volume production. Download the datasheet here. The Mioty radio protocol was officially released in February of 2020 by the Mioty Alliance and represents an innovative solution for massive IoT deployments. Mioty … Read more

RIIM Supports Battery-Operated Mesh Routers for Deployments in Remote Locations! Explore Our Simulation Results!

RIIM’s mesh routers can support up to 4 years battery lifetime on 2 AA batteries by using a variant of the Time-Synchronized Channel Hopping (TSCH) technology called “Receiver-based TSCH”. Review our application note, AN042: Battery-Operated Mesh: Theory, Benefits, and Performance Results for more details. Sometimes there is a need to gather sensor data in an … Read more

[UPCOMING WEBINAR] Battery-Operated Mesh Networking With RIIM For Remote Locations

We invite you to register for an upcoming online webinar training on: “Battery-Operated Mesh Networking With RIIM For Remote Locations”.   Join us in this webinar as our Applications Engineer, Omar Khalil, shares his expertise on RIIM, a long range industrial IoT wireless IP mesh network completely embedded in a module with direct IP connectivity, either from a local server or from the cloud. … Read more

Radiocrafts Has Just Released The New High Power Modules for RIIM and a New and Improved RIIM SDK!

Radiocrafts has just released a new version of the RIIM (Radiocrafts Industrial IP Mesh) SDK which includes Time-Slotted Channel Hopping!  We have also released pre-certified High-Power modules for RIIM for 868 and 915 MHz operation! The combination of a mesh network with TSCH and high RF output power gives an unbeatable range and reliability for an Industrial … Read more

Join The Mioty Alliance, a Family of Experts Representing and Engineering the IoT Ecosystem of Tomorrow!

If you believe that digital accessibility requires massive IoT connectivity, follow Radiocrafts’ lead and join the Mioty-Alliance, a family of experts representing and engineering the IoT ecosystem of tomorrow!     The Mioty Alliance’s goal is to enable the most accessible, robust, and efficient massive IoT connectivity solution on the market, Mioty. Mioty is a low-power, … Read more

Measure a 4.7uA Sleep Current Consumption Using RIIM! We Teach You How!

Radiocrafts’ Industrial IP Mesh (RIIM) Leaf Nodes can reach very low power consumption levels when operating in Sleep mode. On average, 4.7µA can be observed when measuring current used by the module. Radiocrafts has written an Application Note to teach you how!   In our application note, AN039: Measuring The Power Consumption of RIIM Leaf Nodes Operating in Sleep … Read more